Agua Biencia

We would like to tell you our story and make you experience something thrilling, while living with us. Each detail has its point like each cow has a proper name.



This is what we hear when we wake up every day… Life here starts very early but it is wonderful to feel the perfume of hay and milk together! It is not so easy to live like that, but this life gives us back so much. Happiness… we couldn’t ask for more!

The Cattle shed

I have been in love with this life style since my uncle had his own cows. I remember the place in Pera and then Campestrin. I have always wanted to live like him so in 2004 I decided to rebuild the cattle in Pera and develop my passion in several ways… machines and milking methods have changed a lot. Today I can tell you that my wife and I are very proud of this activity especially of this life style in which our children rise and start to love nature.


Our cows: Grigie alpine

Our cows are called “grigia alpina”. This sort of animal is particularly suitable for our territory because it is more “rural” so to say. Its shape, small and stocky, is perfect for reaching the alpine fields which gives our milk that typical taste of hay.

Other special guests

We also have hens that give us the eggs that we use in our daily menu, porks for bacon, sausages and speck. Then we have swans, ducks, goats, lamas, alpacas and.. our pony… NANDO!

Comfort for cows

Cows deserve a proper wellness service as well! So, in 2016 we bought an automatic roll so that they now can keep clean. They also have a microchip because that allows us to check how much they eat, drink and move inside the cattle. We keep on eye on them so that we can check meanwhile our milk quality and our cows health.


We have different types of machines that we use during the summer for the cutting of the hay in several parts of the valley. Along with the hay we generally add some specific animal feed which is strictly controlled by the experts of San Michele all’Adige Regional Institute.

On the mountain

During the Summer we take our “grigie cows” in the alpine pasture by the Jumella alm. This period is extremely important because our cows can eat specific herbs that add a particular taste to our cheese. Actually, the taste of our Alpine Gustavo cheese is really awesome!

Enjoy your... hay!

We put our hay on specific grills so that we can dry it and avoid the mould that could arise for the fermentation.