Agritur Agua Biencia is a new reality in which we have decided to live and develop a specific mission. Vitality and a feeling of well being: this is what we want you to experiment.

We can also live this Vitality, if we have the chance to develop new technologies in order to have more energy savings and a new worker speed. When you have the right equipment you can make less efforts and gain more efficiency. Which means, for us, to offer you more attention.

The expenses for this new technologies are far more higher then the ordinary ones; for this reason we have asked the European Union (the FEASR project for rural development, much easier to say!) for some economic help and we have received really a great incentive: 39.742,00€ (on € 108.080,00 requested) for buying new technologies for agricoltural purposes.

N:B.:more info e della Commissione europea dedicato al FEASR